Color wizard Dirk Luijmes guarantees unparalleled, imaginative interpretations in which he settles for good with the jagged image of the old psalm pump.

Trouw 21-03-2019 (****)



RELEASE 4-CDBOX (23-02-2019)

Harmonium Atlas

A journey through the golden age of the harmonium


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Transfer € 39,50 on NL24 INGB 000 492 6606 (name: Dirk Luijmes, Ooij The Netherlands)  We will sent you the Harmonium Atlas by post.

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Dirk Luijmes revives the glory days of the pump organ with his impressive Harmonium Atlas….Luijmes completes this odyssey with taste, elegance and great agility. Everything shows his mastery over this unique instrument, not least from his practically silent footwork.

De Volkskrant  14-03-2019 (*****)